Nutritional Counseling

At Whole Health Center Houston, we recognize the importance of food and exercise on overall health. Therefore, diet and lifestyle changes are essential to many of our treatment protocols. We do not use a standard dietary recommendation or protocol for every person who enters our office. Rather, we custom-tailor your treatment plan to fit your needs and to be considerate of your beliefs when possible.

To give our patients the best chance at success and healing, we foster a 3-way dialogue between the doctor, the patient, and our registered dietitian from day one. What this means is that after visiting with the doctor and developing a comprehensive treatment plan, every new patient sits down with our registered dietitian to go over specifics of the dietary plan and to get any questions answered. Our dietitian will be your main point of contact throughout your journey of healing and wellness for any questions pertaining to diet and lifestyle.

For those who find that they need more intensive nutritional counseling and additional face-to-face consultations with our registered dietitian, you have the opportunity to schedule as many visits as you like, for an additional fee. Our Nutritional Counseling is also available as a stand-alone service, meaning that you may come to Whole Health Center Houston exclusively for nutritional counseling, without any commitment to see our doctors. This is an excellent option for individuals who just need support in achieving optimal nutrition and who want the assurance and comfort of knowing that our nutrition program is backed up by licensed physicians if and when they may be needed.

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