What to Expect

Our patients often comment that our practice is very different.

Among the differences, you should expect:

  • A loving, quiet, Christian atmosphere. Nothing fancy: no white coats, uniforms  or neckties.
  • There will be no wait, no crowd in the waiting room. You will be seen on time, every time, no excuses.
  • We will be ready for you when you get here. The doctor will be in. Your paperwork will already be done. We’ll be expecting you.
  • Your presence you will be acknowledged immediately. When you come in, our receptionist will look at you and smile. She means it.
  • We will remember who you are.
  • We’re on top of things, and we’ve got it together.
  • You will he heard. We’re not a mass production outfit. We’re not rushed. We will get to the root of your problem.
  • You remain in control of how much you’ll spend, what methods we use to treat your condition, etc.
  • A personalized, caring person, not a machine, will answer your phone call.
  • Integrity. We’ll do what we tell you we’ll do.
  • We’ll pray for you before your visit. (And will gladly pray with you at any time.)