Second Guessing Vs. Trust

It may seem incredible, but it frequently happens.  A patient will pay us good money for our advice, go home, check it on the web or talk about it with the hair dresser and then take that advice rather than ours; or they will call back and want to discuss the matter (at no charge, of course) in view of what they heard or read. More commonly still, they come back for their follow up visit and have not taken their meds “because I heard it leads to such and such.”

This paper is our attempt to help you avoid wasting your money and your time that way. Here are some truths to make you free:

  1. I never prescribe anything that has not been out in the market for at least 5 years. In fact, most of the remedies I prescribe have been used since the time of Moses, if not before. I only prescribe a limited number of remedies, all of which I have been prescribing for a long time and know quite well.
  2. Since 1965, I have been studying, researching and practicing full time, doing basically the same thing day in and day out. Did the hair dresser or the person writing on the web spend 50 years studying and using this particular product? Give me a break!
  3. Every remedy and prescription has side effects, some are very minor, and some can be fatal. One reason physicians are required to go to school for so many years and pass exam after exam for license and boards is because we have to know how to use substances that can make you well or kill you, depending on how you take them. That goes for “natural” as well as prescriptions. The trick is to use it right, and know how to do that. Thus far, in 50 years, by the Grace of God, our remedies have not killed anyone. My job is to individualize each treatment, taking into consideration your particular chemistries (that’s why I spend so much time with you before I prescribe), so that the benefits of the treatment far outweigh the possible dangers.
  4. It’s perfectly fine, and welcomed, to question me on the treatment. It is your body, after all, and you’re the boss. So if you prefer to eat the raw thyroid gland from a pig instead of the bio-identical, pure synthetic form, that’s your choice, and I am glad to oblige; but let us discuss it during the office visit, or on a scheduled phone consult, so that we can come up with the best option for you.
  5. Finally, each person is totally unique, and reacts differently (yes, we know that). So if you experience any unexpected side effects from anything I recommend, quit it and schedule a phone consult.  If the side effects are serious (you will know if something is definitely wrong), quit the medicine, and call us or 911 right away.