Our Patients Say…

A few testimonials from Dr. Manso’s patients…

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“I appreciate your friendly, personal style and always look forward to a doctor visit, even if myself or my child is sick. I think you are years ahead of the medical establishment in your openness to alternative practices.”

Your combination of knowledge and caring make you the single best doctor I know.

I am continually overwhelmed by your kindness to me and my family. I treasure deply all that you have done on my behalf.

“It is a real joy to meet someone who practices with integrity and compassion.”

“Thank you for being so wonderful!”

“When I think of you, I always think of how wonderful you are, how you fix things wrong with us, with truth.”

“I am eternally grateful for all you have done for me and my loved ones.”

“I am grateful there is some place for us to go and be heard.”

“You are a wonderful expression of love and of God. I am very grateful to have met you.”

“Seeing you serve the Lord through the gift He has given you is an inspiration.”

“Thank you also for not being a typical practicioner of medicine, but a doctor who cares about the individuals personal and spiritual wellness.”

“I want you to know that I have the utmost respect, deep love, total trust, loyalty and faith in you. Thank you!”

“I just want to thank you very much for praying for me the other day in your office. I never had a doctor do do this for me, and it meant a lot…”

“Thank you for all that you have done to minister to me personally — with my health and medical condition.”

“Each day I feel better and better. I have my joy back!”

“My top 5 list of why you are my favorite doctor:
1) You listen;
2) You teach;
3) You seek God’s wisdom;
4) Your knowledge of herbs;
5) Your compassion and patience.”

“We were very concerned with the prospect of 3-6 months of antibiotics after surgery so we were happy to have your suggestions for supplements to help boost the immune system and speed recovery.”

“Thank you again for your efforts to help my wife with fibromyalgia… I feel like you really care about her getting better.”

“I am very thankful that God provided you to us as a physician many years ago!”

“You taught me a new life style that should benefit me for the rest of my life and for that I am very appreciative.”

“I want him (Dr. Manso) to know how highly I regard him and his special gifts.”

“Thank you for the help and advice that you gave me back in April when my husband was very ill.”

“I was diagnosed as a diabetic… and was given your book to read. I want to thank you for putting it together so well.”

“You’ve not only taken care of our physical needs, but mental, emotional and spiritual. Your warmth and gentle spirit and kindness have touched us.”

“I greatly appreciate all the time you’ve spent teaching me, and the updates on migraine treatments.”

“I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of the patients that I sent you. Especially one in particular — she had visited numerous doctors without any success and within two weeks you changed her health completely.”

“I need help in many areas and I now have hope.”

“We are praying that you and your staff will be blessed…”

“The would would be a much happier (and healthier!) place if there wre more people like you!”

“You’ve been so good to me over the years: saved my life, taught me to take care of myself, been my support group… and so much more.”


“I am so grateful for your wisdom and understanding. You are a Blessing!”

“Words cannot express my gratitude for your attention, generosity, and caring.”

“Thank you for being you: a man, a teacher, a friend I greatly appreciate, a kind and compassionate being…”

“I will never forget the moment you turned to me and said not only did you believe she was sick but you knew why. Overwhelming relief!”

“I only spent 20-30 minutes with you and could tell that you love God and value human live — every human life — just as my family does.”

“You make my life liveable in so many ways. You are a gift to us all, as a man and as a healer.”

“Our little girls are healthy and happy because their parents take them to see only the best doctor.”

“We are so thankful to you for your reccommendations, your expertise, and your caring concern. We are also very thankful to the Lord for leading us to you!”

“Your commitment to the welfare of other people is clearly evident…”

“You are truly in a class by yourself. It was a pleasure meeing you and your staff.”

“I believe I could trust my life to Gilbert Manso, and that if I needed him day or night he would be there for me.”

“As a result of what you have taught me, I am in better physical condition now than I have been in years.”

“I shall be forever grateful for your knowledge, your skill, and your compassion.”

“Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to call and check on me this past Memorial Weekend.”

“I am really grateful for all you have done to help me. You have really made a difference in my life.”

“Now that I am feeling so much better, I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. I have always felt secure and comfortable as your patient.”

“You have been very kind to me. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for your kindess, caring and love in talking to me about my health.”

“…we appreciate your helping us to take care of God’s “temples.””

“…I sincerely appreciate your assistance and support and that of your staff with all the requirements surrounding my disability benefits. Your kindness, understanding and special considerations during such a challenging time in my life has been a blessing.”

” You have always been an inspiration to me and my children… I thank you for your part in my life. We will always have loving memories when we think of you.”

“I have been remiss in writing to let you know how much the “vitamin cocktail” and hydrogren peroxide drips made in how I felt. It seemed to “normalize” me for quite  a while and helped with the allergies.”

“Your generosity will make it possible for even more of us to pursue the dream of a medical education…”

“Thank you for always caring and trying to help me. I am truly blessed to have a Doctor who is with Christ in such a strong way.”

“Thank you for supporting our marriage in the difficult time we have been through. Thank you for not only caring and encouraging our health, but especially feeding our spirit.”

“Your immediate willingness to assist us in our need was a welcome encouragement to my husband and I during a very trying time.”

“Once again I find myself overflowing with God’s gracious love extended to me through you.”

“Your life as a Doctor has been such a healing hand to our family.”

“You are such a source of blessing and encouragement.”

“I am daily seeing the benefits and feeling the benefits.”

“It is a blessing to see the kingdom of God come to this earth daily through your actions and love. You are the kindest, most thankful man I know.”

“How grateful she is for the services you provided, and for your compassion.”

“I am still in astonishment from our visit and your response to me. The San Marcos property is beautiful, and your vision for it amazing. Thank you for sharing the Lord’s goodness with me.”

“It is encouraging to have a Doctor/Healer who also happens to be a follower of Jesus Christ on my side as I fight and faith my way to wholeness and healing.”

“I very much appreciate your help during the last few months. I fell better than I have for years.”

“Your care shows from the sparkle in your eyes when you see us to long after we leave your office.”

“After much research and many doctors, you were the first doctor that was totally in alighment with the wisdom and knowledge and instruction the Lord was giving me. You are definitely one of His vessels to heal the sick.”

“I will never forget your concern and compassion for me when (my child) was a baby.”

“Thank you for seeing (my friends) on such short notice. They called me Friday following their visit wonderfully encouraged. Their report of you was glowing — I was not at all surprized.”

“It’s rare to find a doctor who takes such interest in the wellness of his patients as you do.”

“I believe you are a healer and not simply a diagnostician and I have been inspired that there is a physician who listens to the Great Physician — and I am aware that He has helped me through you.”

“I have been looking for a nutritionally-oriented doctor like you for 17 years.”

“Apparently, there is more to treating patients than what is taught in medical school. You have given me much to think about.”

“I have been at peace receiving grace and mercy from God’s hand through you.”

“You are a very special blessing from God.”

“Although many people know the proper foods to eat and know that daily exercise is important, sometimes it takes a man or doctor in your position to remind them that these things are so important to a longer and healthier life.”

“We will always be grateful for your standing with us prayerfully in our decisions.”

“The Lord was so kind to me when He led me to you last May.”

“Thank you for everything you have done — especially for helping me to turn my life around.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for me to get me back on my feet. I am very grateful.”

” You truly are a lifesaver… I sing your praises to everyone.”

“…Thank you so much for seeing and helping me. Within an hour of taking the meds I felt miraculous relief and gratitude!”

“Thank you for all your help and for the invaluable information that you provided to us.”

“I always think of you with a warm and thankful heart. I tell people if it weren’t for you I might have hardly any hair!”

“Thank you for figuring me out…”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and financial mercy. God bless your heart.”

“Thank you for always being there for me… for always having the time to listen with compassion and understanding, and to support and encourage me.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that you have given me a new lease on life.”

“He believes that you are the only real doctor that he has ever seen — that all of the rest were simply “mechanics in white coats.””

“When I say my prayers of gratitude you are at the top of the list of the people in my life I thank God for.”

“(My husband) and I both are so thankful the Lord led us to you for care. Hes feeling so much better.”

“Thanks again for the support you give to our family. We do appreciate it.”

“Although some of the changes we have made in our eating have been a bit painful… nothing compares with being cancer free!”

I have wanted to thank you for your pasitive influence in changing my life. Because of the experiences and exposures at your clinic, I have enjoyed a professional career as a craniosacral and massage therapist for the past ten years.”

“We are so thankful for all of God’s love you have showered on our family.”

You are a blessed elder and an annointed shaman of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am always blessed while in your company.

One day I was not feeling well, I came home and found your voice on my answering machine, just checking to see how I was doing. That one small gesture made me feel like God was truly watching over me.”

“I will forever be grateful to God and you for His leadership in sending us to you.”

“You and your staff who has provided the atmosphere, have brought about a change in our lives.”

“…How grateful we are for all your help to repair these broken down bodies of ours. God has blessed us indeed.”

“Each one of you(r staff) is a blessing in my life. I thank God for you.”

“Your concern and willingness to help have blessed me immensely.”

“Once again you have saved a child of mine from the surgeons knife. I appreciate your practice and I thank God for the wisdom he has given you.”

“I can never thank you enough for all you have done (and continue to do) for my children, and will be eternally grateful for your redirection and “saving” of my life.”

“Beacuse you shared my fears and concerns, I realized, as I drove away from your office, that I was not nearly as worried and fearful as I had been when I walked in.”

“May God continue to bless you not only for your expertise, but for your goodness to me.”

“Thanks for helping to keep me healthy these 24 years.”

“Thank you for your patience and time that you give us.”

“Thank you very much for your geniune and heartfelt concern for my health during my emergency visit last week.”

“Dr. Manso is such a blessing…”

“Sometimes we meet people who renew our faith in the goodness of our fellow beings. Your kindness and gentleness… did that.”

“You have taught me invaluable nutritional info that has created a new lifestyle for me — the weight loss is great!”

“The Lord has used you to bring us an incredible blessing!”.

“Today I awoke, got out of bed, and had NO STIFFNESS and NO PAIN. There have been some days in the past few years when I was without pain, but NEVER without stiffness. I just could not move or bend or reach or walk without stiffness, despite massage, acupuncture, heat, etc. Whether is the diet or the HCG or the healing of God, I don’t care, it is just wonderful. My body is just different, in a very good way! First time in a long time, I have hope I could truly heal. Thank you for your patience with me and not letting go of my hand.”

“The diagnostic abilities that God has given to you in medicine are unmatched. I wish I could send everyone that I know to you for healing. Both in spirit and in body. To have a doctor who can function as a mentor, a Christian brother and your physician is seldom seen in our world today.”

“Before meeting you I was starting to accept my medical condition as a part of my life. Debilitating as it was, I thought I had to live with it. Two years later after following your treatment I am now symptom free.”

“You made us feel so special with your genuine concern, and the canceling of our visit bill. That act of kindness overwhelmed us. On our way home we wept, laughed, and thanked God for you and your ministry. You are our physician for the rest of our natural lives.”

“It is unimaginable that a doctor is concerned with not only his patient’s physical but also spiritual well-being. Thank you for praying with us when we were at such a low point. That will forever be embedded in our hearts.”

“We thank God for your care and support for us. Your kindness and concern made us feel like people cared for rather than a number. You have been a great blessing to us; thank you.”

“I show no signs of Scleraderma in my bloodwork. I am now off of prednisone. I am so thankful God lead me to your office. You and I remember how bad my health was. Thank you for your many prayers you prayed over me while I was in your office. I am a living testimony of the goodness of God.”

“I am a dermatologist and have suffered from severe seasonal allergies my whole life, and mild eczema and headaches as an adult.  I have tried everything, including years of allergy shots.  I have done extensive research for years, and finally landed on your website’s advice about eliminating animal protein.  I am absolutely amazed at the results.   No more headaches, fatigue, eczema, facial swelling, sinus issues.”


“Manso has been incredible. [My wife] was seeking advice from a rheumatologist, neurologist and had gone through a couple of each (all while seeing Manso). For several weeks, even months no one had any sense of where to go. Just treating symptoms and changing cocktails. A high dose of steroids was all that would give her relief, which can be dangerous long term. Then something broke…. Manso said he had figured it out. She has Hashimoto’s disease…. Basically an obscure hyperactive thyroid issue that attacks your autoimmune system. It can manifest itself in many ways and can be debilitating. At that point he had some very specific treatments for her. She made the decision to go with his advice and stopped seeing everyone else. Pretty easy decision since no one else had any idea other than treating symptoms. So about 2 months ago she started taking a ton of different supplements, herbs, etc probably like 30+ pills a day. She has phased the steroids down to a reasonable level and continues to reduce them as instructed. She is back to normal and sees Manso to discuss long term strategies and status every few weeks. He says this should correct itself with care and she is doing awesome. She loves this guy.

So ok I will be honest we were desperate and I am not the guy that typically embraces non convention. But holy cow this guy saved charlotte for me and the boys. It is unreal. I have thought about emailing you on many occasions but I am never at a spot to do it when I think of it. I hate you had to reach out to me. Thanks so much for your friendship, advice and most importantly prayers. I feel like they had as much to do with this as anything.”