Rejuvelac: Friendly Bacteria

What are “friendly bacteria?”
Friendly bacteria live in our intestines, especially our colons, and do much to keep us healthy. They have antibiotic, antiviral, anti fungal, and anticancer affects, are involved in vitamin and nutrient synthesis, and aid in digestion. When we do not have enough friendly bacteria, the harmful bacteria, yeast, and parasites in our intestines take over and produce disease.

What are natural sources of friendly bacteria?
Fermented foods are of great importance to the diet of the world’s people. Most cultures use some form of fermented food in their diet ranging from yogurt to sauerkraut, kemchi, miso, etc. These foods are a natural source of many of the friendly bacteria we need.

Why are natural sources better than a pill?
A pill from the health food store provides only one or a few species of these friendly bacteria (most commonly Lactobacillus acidophilus, or a Bifidobacterium species), but there are over 400 different species of friendly bacteria and each of them has a definite job or function to do in our system. We need ALL of these species, not just a few! The best way to get them is through natural products. One such product is Rejuvelac.

What is Rejuvelac?
Rejuvelac is a liquid made from fermenting whole wheat or rye seeds. It is by far the most economical and potent source of friendly bacteria, and one of the most powerful things you and your family can do to rejuvenate your colon and improve your health. Ideally, you should drink it every day of your life, or at least one week of every month, to renew your intestinal flora.

Directions for making Rejuvelac

  • In a sprouting jar, rinse 4 tablespoons of organic wheat berries or rye berries. Use only non-chlorinated spring water. Drain the water and allow the berries to stand moist for 24 hours. Rinse and drain daily until a tiny white sprout appears on the berries.
  • Transfer sprouted berries into a blender. Add one quart of spring water and blend for 90 seconds. Allow this blended mixture to sit on the countertop for 48 hours uncovered. It will look cloudy and foamy.
  • After 48 hours, the concoction will have fermented (it starts to smell like sauerkraut and will taste like lemon). Strain this fermented mixture through a coffee filter and immediately transfer the liquid to the refrigerator.
  • Drink 4 ounces of this fermented liquid twice a day, anytime, with or without meals.
  • Start the next batch of Rejuvelac so that it will be ready when you finish the first one.


  • Wheat or Rye “Berries” are the whole grain seeds from which a plant grows. You’ll find wheat or rye berries at Whole Foods and other organic food suppliers. They must be organic. Either hard or soft “berries” will do.
  • The Rejuvelac always looks cloudy and smells fermented. If it smells putrid, then discard and start all over. (It will smell putrid and rot if the kitchen is hot during fermentation or if you cover it).
  • Always keep uncovered.
  • It will keep in the refrigerator for 5 days.
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