Chelation Therapy

We have been trained at ACAM (American College for Advancement of Medicine) to administer IV EDTA chelation treatments.

We have successfully given hundreds of these treatments without any complication and with very encouraging results. We use computerized formulas to determine doses and ingredients, and use the most conservative ACAM protocols. We usually drip the I.V. over a 2 hour period.

During chelation (key-LAY-shun) therapy, you recline comfortably in a lounge chair for approximately one hour while an intravenous solution slowly trickles into your bloodstream. In the meantime, you can nap, talk, read, or play on your phone. Any discomfort or pain is unlikely.

The intravenous solution includes a chelating agent — usually a synthetic amino acid called ethyl-enediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) — along with various vitamins and minerals. The EDTA  seeks out toxic metals within your body, such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, and mercury. It also finds certain minerals such as calcium, the “glue” in artery plaque. EDTA then wraps itself around these substances and pulls them out of your body via your kidneys. Good minerals may also be wasted, so caution is needed.

Chelation therapy is not accepted by mainstream medical entities and disliked by the medical boards, etc. We make no claims as to the effectiveness and mainly give it to people who request it and have had prior positive experience with it.

To find out more about chelation, or to schedule an appointment at The Whole Health Center Houston, please call 713.840.9355. *Additional information can be found here.

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