About Dr. Shafi

Dr. Tariq Shafi is currently training under Dr.  Manso, preparing for his USMLE examinations.

He is not yet licensed to practice medicine in the United States. Dr. Shafi is Dr Manso’s main assistant and as such he draws most of the lab tests and starts most of the IV’s we give.

“Dr. T” as we call him, has performed well over 10,000 venipunctures. He never misses a vein, even in a wiggling, screaming newborn. He has  been with us since April 2000 and also does intake histories and screens Dr. Manso’s calls from pharmacies, patients, etc. He does daily prayers and rounds with Dr. Manso and  dictates Dr. Manso’s notes, so he’s intimately familiar with all our patients.

He grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. After finishing his pre-medical education, he moved to Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic), where he became fluent in Spanish. Dr. Shafi earned his MD there in 1985. He then practiced medicine in various hospitals and private clinics in Santo Domingo. Dr. Shafi also worked as staff physician for the Santo Domingo YMCA for three years.

Dr. Shafi is eligible to practice medicine in various countries around the world. He has always had a profound interest in Holistic, Alternative and Herbal medicine. Under Dr. Manso’s direct supervision, teaching and training, Dr. Shafi has become well known in the Holistic and Alternative medical community.

Dr. Shafi keeps himself up to date with new techniques, technologies, treatment protocols and advances in medicine by periodically earning continuous medical education (CME) credits.

Through his dedication, commitment to patient care, serious studies, and love for all those who suffer from physical, emotional or spiritual ailments, Dr. T has earned a great deal of respect in this community.