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Allergies (Food/Environment)

We view allergies as a symptom not an illness.

Allergies are due to one or more of the following problems:

Adrenal gland weakness
Excess histamine intake
Deficient histamine elimination
Immune system dysfunction
Abnormal bacterial balance in the gastrointestinal tract (dysbiosis)
Our approach to the treatment of allergies consists of determining which ones of the problems listed above are present, and then eliminating them. We do food allergy tests using a blood sample.

We use natural products to renew the adrenals; we lower the histamine with diet and natural substances, and we de-sensitize with oral allergens, etc.

Allergic reactions, whether they are triggered by environment or food, are mediated by histamine. Antihistamine medicines block histamine temporarily but do not help getting rid of histamine, and may even increase it. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the amount of histamine in your body to get rid of allergies. Continue reading

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Advanced Protocols

The physicians at The Whole Health Center Houston strive to keep abreast of the latest research and protocols that will benefit our patients. We are well-versed in (and able to oversee your treatment using) the following protocols: The Marshall Protocol … Continue reading

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There are many causes of arthritis, and some are very easily diagnosed and treated. Continue reading

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Bioidentical Hormones

We prefer to use bioidentical hormones, either estriol alone or in a combination formula called Tri-estrogen. Continue reading

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Brain Chemical Imbalances

We pinpoint specific chemical imbalances that lead to anxiety, depression, and addictions. Continue reading

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Candida Yeast Info & Treatment

We have been treating people with the candida/yeast syndrome for over 20 years. Do you have unusual symptoms that have eluded diagnosis? Does your doctor want to put you on tranquilizers because of your symptoms? Have you ever read Dr. … Continue reading

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Children and Infants (Pediatrics)

We treat well-behaved children and infants 2 months of age and older. (No unruly kids please!) We support home schooling and parental rights. We support parents that wish to modify immunization schedules for their kids. We get rid of the … Continue reading

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Cardiograms (EKG)

An electrocardiogram, or EKG, is a simple, painless test that records the heart’s electrical activity. To understand this test, it helps to understand how the heart works. With each heartbeat, an electrical signal spreads from the top of the heart … Continue reading

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Digestive Problems

We have an excellent track record treating the following digestive problems with natural remedies: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) colitis gas bloating GERD gastritis constipation chronic diarrhea celiac disease Crohn’s Disease Etc.

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Diagnostic/Lab Tests

We can draw the blood and obtain other specimens in our offices or in a lab or hospital close to you. The samples are processed the same day, and the results are typically available within 48 hours. We use the … Continue reading

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